Thank you for your interest in supporting Miracle for Mateo! There are so many ways to volunteer, and there is something for everyone. Please take a look below to find our existing donation and volunteer opportunities!

For information about any of these opportunities, or to start helping, please contact us through Facebook or email

Bags of Hope

A bag of snacks may not seem like much, but when a parent or family member hasn’t eaten in hours and doesn’t want to leave his or her child’s bedside, our Bags of Hope can help. Unfortunately when a child’s health condition is life-threatening, every moment counts, and oftentimes parents don’t want to leave the hospital room to go to the cafeteria to eat a meal – so they don’t. However, parents and family members must maintain their own health, emotional stability and mental clarity in order to be able to advocate for their child. Our Bags of Hope contain 19 single serving, non-perishable food items and a Miracle for Mateo brochure that explains the opportunity to apply for funding and support.

The brochure inside the Bag of Hope lets families know they are not alone; that other families are journeying and have journeyed along this “roller coaster” of a path. Miracle for Mateo extends their unseen embrace and offers prayer, support and funding – all in a little Bag of Hope. 

The following individually packaged items are needed for our Bags of Hope Project:

* Raisins 

* Mints  

* Nutri Grain Bars

* Peanuts   

* Hot chocolate Packets

* Oatmeal packets

* Chewing gum  

* Almonds 

* Granola Bars

* Fruit Snacks

* Apple Sauce cups  

* Bottled Water (small)

* Cookies  

* Chips  

* Mini Boxes of Cereal

* Pretzels  

* Herbal Tea Bags (must be individually wrapped)

* Yogurt covered raisins


Our bimonthly goal is to fill 60 or more bags for the families at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and 30 or more bags for the families at Nemours A. I. duPont Hospital for Children. 

Any Bags of Hope created above and beyond our goal are then delivered by Social Workers/Child Life Specialists to families in the NICU and oncology units, or wherever else needed.

If you would like to donate some of the single-serving non-perishables listed above, please contact Miracle for Mateo on Facebook or at 

Tabs for Mateo Project

As part of our commitment to help the Philadelphia and Delaware Ronald McDonald Houses, the Tabs for Mateo Can Tab Collection Project is one of the many ways we can give back. Families who are staying at the Ronald McDonald House are asked to pay a small fee of $15 per night, but it actually costs the Ronald McDonald House much more to house each family. Although it takes over 1,200 can tabs to make a pound, and every pound of can tabs returns about 40 cents, every single can tab adds up and helps to make a difference. In the past, the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House was able to raise approximately $75,000 to pay their electric bill – all in can tabs! The Tabs for Mateo Collection Project will help to supplement their expenses, including buying food for their pantry and providing gas for the van, which helps transport families to and from the hospital every day. If you or your workplace would like to participate in collecting Tabs for Mateo, feel free to contact us and we can arrange to pick up any can tabs collected. Please contact Miracle for Mateo on Facebook or at to arrange pick ups.

Miracle Beads Create Event

If you would like to host a Create Event where your friends and family members gather to create necklaces - it's simple! Miracle for Mateo provides all of the supplies and materials you need, and all you do is provide light refreshments. Your guests become Miracle for Mateo volunteers who invest approximately 2 hours of their time into creating a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. The three elements that make these handmade necklaces unique are: the special groupings of beads in memory of Mateo and Megan, a butterfly symbolizing hope and new beginnings, and a dangling charm near the closure. Volunteers also make Little Miracle Beads, created especially for little girls, which can be personalized with the child's name, butterflies, stars, hearts or other charms. All Miracle Beads necklaces are available for a $25 donation.


At a Create Event, guests are encouraged to bring can tabs for our Tabs for Mateo Project and/or single serving non-perishable food items for our Bags of Hope Project. The can tabs are donated to the Philadelphia or Delaware Ronald McDonald Houses, and the non-perishable food items are used to assemble Bags of Hope that are donated to parents of hospitalized children along with a Miracle for Mateo brochure that tells them about applying for funding and support. Please contact Miracle for Mateo on Facebook or via to schedule a date for a Create Event. At this time, Miracle for Mateo can host events in the Tri-State area, including NJ, PA and DE, depending on your location.


All proceeds help provide support to children and families enduring a life threatening illness and lengthy hospitalization. Believe in the power of love, unity, strength, beauty, faith, bravery, hope and miracles.


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Miracle for Mateo, a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, was initially established in February 2010 for the Paredes Family, after their son, Mateo Sebastian Paredes, was born with a rare congenital heart defect (CHD) and experienced multiple life threatening complications after his initial surgery.


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